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      Licensed Inspections

      Doug Needy

      Licensed OWTS Inspector- 50987
      Registered OWTS Basic and Advanced Installer
      DSII Drinking water operator, DNR
      Class C Waste Water Operator, DNR

      Wendy Needy

      Licensed OWTS Inspector- 51034
      DSI Drinking Water Operator, DNR

      Most Commonly Asked Questions

      How long will the inspection take?
      We tell every client about 4 hours. Our inspections are thorough and in compliance with the state of Missouri. We answer several sheets of questions about your system. This process requires us to perform several tasks, such as measuring and examining the system, water test ( when applicable), and hydraulic test (when applicable)
      Do I have to pump the tank before you come?
      NO, as a matter of fact, we would rather that you not pump the tank before we come. We like to see the tank in operation and check the levels of the water and sludge (solid waste). These help us to determine if your tank is in proper working order. If the tank is pumped prior to an inspection it must be filled before the hydraulic test can be performed.
      Do you need access to the house?
      Yes, we do need access to the inside of your home. We check the drain lines your house to see if they connect to your septic system. This required us to turn on and off faucets and fixtures to check connections. We also do a hydraulic test to determine if your system can handle a full one does cycle. The hydraulic test requires that we run water from the faucets inside your home for a period of time. We may also need to take a water sample which we prefer to draw from the faucet inside the house.
      What is a hydraulic test?
      A hydraulic test is the part of the inspection where we run several gallons of water prescribed by Missouri State Regulation through the septic system by turning on a number of faucets inside your home. The amount of water that we run can vary from 50 gallons to 700 gallons depending on system type, home size, and occupancy. If your home has been vacant more than 60 days we can not run a hydraulic test.
      If I have a lagoon do I need a hydraulic test?
      No, a hydraulic test is done to check septic tanks and lateral lines. A smaller amount of water will be run to check function and connections.
      DO you test the water?
      Yes,  if you have a well we do a simple bacteria test for the state. We carefully take a clean sample of your water in a state supplied bottle to be tested at a state-approved lab. They will determine if you have coliform or e Coli in your water. If your water comes back positive for either of these contaminants we will notify you immediately.
      What is the difference between an inspection and an evaluation?
      An inspection will be performed if a home has been lived and not vacant for over 60 days. An evaluation does not include a hydraulic test.
      What if I don't know where my tank is?
      We can usually find your tank and laterals if you have them. We have a density and metal locators which help us determine the general area where your tank and laterals might be. We also use video cameras and a few other tricks of your trade to find these elusive tanks.
      Do you need to see inside the tank and Do I have to dig it up?
      We do need to see inside. We always appreciate when you help us by digging up the lid, but we can do that for you if you want us to. Acces to the tank from the lid or inspection ports is a must so that we can measure the tank, water, and sludge depths.

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